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The Day Before The Day


I don't believe in the same things I used to do
But I`ve got nothing new
'cause everything is constantly changing and moving ahead of me
Too much of those grey days
To much of those things I`ve seen before
It`s all the same to me
And I cant believe that I`m still in these shoes
Will I keep them til the end?

The day before the day
Blackout, Blackout
I can`t climb any higher
I`m about to explode

And now
Whats left for me to do?
I`m running out of alternatives
Nothing left to use
But IĀ've come down to only two things
And using this exit is one of them
Too much of this darkness
Too much of this shit
I know it all to well
Just to get me through the day
I can`t believe that I`m asking the same old
Again and Again

The day before the day

I keep running
Keep running
Trying to run away
Running away from the end

The day before the day...


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