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Take Care Of Yourself
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Don’t take what I say to bed with you
And don’t get used to that which I do
You’ll only feel used in the end

Don’t weigh in your heavy head
Those words that I haven’t said
Don’t confuse that which I don’t do
With what will be done in time

You’ve gotta wise up
For Christ's sake take care of yourself
'Cause a dirty boy don’t make clean breaks

Oh, Sarah, if there’s something
That you want from me
Just ask, you might receive

I’m gonna take some time
Sift through this conflicted night
Figure out why I can’t sleep

Oh, my greed [Incomprehensible] and my guilt
Have surely gotten the best out of me

You’ve gotta wise up
Get out of this mess while you can
'Cause a dirty boy like me don’t fight clean

Oh, Sarah, if there’s something
That you want to do with me
Just ask, 'cause I'm up for anything


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