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Missing Key
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You don't want me to tell you about my emotions
You don't want me to tell you I still care
'Cause when I try hard to tell you about my devotion
You talk to me but it's true, you're just not there, oh no

Some people spend all their lives inside an illusion
And some of us try to realize it's there
You know I die when I try to tell you about the solution
'Cause you spell out all the words my heart can't bare

But I know you're there somewhere
That's why I'm on my own now
I've got to go away, I just can't stay
So all the secrets that I will hide

Just to see you will slip inside of my house
And let it be in the end when I might begin to forget you
I'll still be reaching to find the missing key of you
And me babe, I've got to go, gonna leave today, I can't stay no more


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