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Knights Of Shame
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dance baby dance like the world is ending
dance baby dance like the world is ending
dance baby dance cuz the world is ending
this is who you are
ohh, ohh,

sit back and look for the warnings
the futures bright and alarming
sit back and look for the warnings





they be walking around ya
with your head cut off
their power's fear and it surrounds me
there are signs you can see
one day we will wake the walking zombies
til then we pray

everybody, everybody

the king and his ghost are laughing at me
these signs you can see
one day we will listen for the sirens
'til then we pray

Skeletons march
A army guns
Drop your feet
I'm scared
I'm duke Ellington
My mother said there'd by things like this
But one of the fires lit made her piss

Crawling are zombies all up inside me
Transforming vampires right beside me
And you can't run
Cuz u do, you'll be dead
And the walls can't roll from the side of my head

I beat the drool
I beat the ghouls
But his last kiss all suckers
They will cease to exist
I can't entertain what it'd be to be human
Lay waste to cities leave towns in ruin
I. Am. A. Ro. Bot.

Whole arsenal stock ready to blow
Lastly, you see my by 3 by 3
Firing these things called TNT

These things called TNT
These things called TNT
They call me TNT
These things called TNT

Ahh, ahh, ahh, ahh

We can dance like the world's over
Yeah it's almost 2012 call your girls over
Let's kick back, pop shots, have a ball
And if the world blow up, next life we'll do it all over

Ah Yeah,
Let's toast to the memory
I wrote my name in the sky
So remember me
Baby forever we
Together we'll ........
I'll leave my baby over something
Then hell'll freeze
This world cold like Natalie
Let's lose our clothes like Adam, Eve
Back to the basics
Step out the matrix
Step out your cool baby
Get on my spaceship

I've seen her face lit
She seen the sound like a basin
So ran home like a base hit
Life is whatever you think it is
So whatchoo think this is?

Oh, ah, ah
Oh, ah, ah

Yeah it's all in your mind baby
You gotta do what you feel like ......
You gotta spread your wings and just fly baby
You feel like you're reborn?
That's my baby
Says she feel it in her soul like a vibrator
I got some things for your thoughts
We can try later
Let's hit the dancefloor
Right before we outa town
And just party like it's 1999

You know what prince said
Girl, you my princess
I got the glass slipper
I hope the thing fit

Your body on fire
Let me extinguish
hop on this white horse
Ride to the sunset


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