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Hit Em Like Dis
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[nine] aiyyo whattup son how you feelin kid?
[frog] aiyyo man yo I'm killin
Yo I was coolin on the corner the other day man
Kid said, "yo how you gonna hit em man? "
They don't know know how you gonna hit em kid
They think you, y'know, you're not in this kid
[nine] yea yo son, i'ma hit em real ill kid
You know what i'ma do
[frog] aiyyo man just tell me how you gon' hit em son

Chorus: nine and 'froggy frog' (repeat 2x)

[nine] hit em like dis, hit em like dat
Hit em wit da real, let em know how you feel
[frog] hit em like dis - ribbit, hit em like dat - ribbit
Hit em wit da real, let em know you feel - ribbit

['mc froggy frog']One - ribbit, two - ribbit
The froggy frog is ribbitin, all over the place when I'm kickin
And - ribbit, make you wanna hop jump pump mine
Ribbit - yo nine, ribbit - hit it

[nine]I hit the wall like a wrecking ball
When I yes y'all, I stand tall, it's a free for all
You don't understand how I feel when I see that
Screen and I see that screen and I fiend!

['mc froggy frog']Ribbit - I don't think you ready for the ribbit - steady flow
Ribbit - I came to go - ribbit rambo
With the greatest ribbit - afro I got ribbit - toe
To ribbit - toe, act like you ribbit - know

[nine]I huff and I puff and blow marijuana smoke
I go for broke, I ain't no joke!
I'm massive, skills up the cooloo
Nine rises, like the sunshine, I'm cuckoo

Chorus: {reverse mc order}

[nine]It's flavor, neighbor, next door, hardcore
Like bolivian, white powder, I'm raw
Crazy original, still the incredible imperial
Lyricist, can't nobody see this!

['mc froggy frog']I'm sittin on the lilypad - ribbit
A fly goes by and I - ribbit - snatch it out the - ribbit - sky
Why would you - ribbit - try, you must want to - ribbit - die
Pass the - ribbit, pass the - ribbit, thai!

[nine]I'm gettin open off the hip-hop
Boots I knock like a pervert, more casanova than levert
So sweat me like a shirt, I'm goin bezerk
Like dj red alert

['mc froggy frog']Ribbit! it's that ribbit-guy, that you can't get a
Ribbit - nuff of, I came to puff enough - ribbit - funky stuff up
Don't bite the nine or the - ribbit - froggy frog
Keep bitin that - ribbit - "atomic dog"

[nine]Bow wow wow yippie yo yippie yay
Bow wow yippie yo yippie yay

['mc froggy frog']Bow wow -ribbit- yippie yo -ribbit- yippie yay
Bow wow -ribbiy- yippie yay


['mc froggy frog']I got - ribbit flavor, it's ribbit - major
I rip for the cause, ribbit - pause
Ribbit - bring it back, froggy frog the - ribbit revel
You dig me like a - ribbit shovel
I'm on another - ribbit level
One for the ribbit - bass, two fir the ribbit - treble

[nine]I am the nine, and you are not
I flip the script, sell like a crack rock
I flip the script, you flip nuttin
Now who is the rudebwoy numba won raggamuffin?

['mc froggy frog']Raggamuffin - ribbit, ragamuffin - ribbit
Ribbit - six million ways to - ribbit - die
I'm gettin - ribbit - high, drivin the - ribbit - 4x4
On the mountain, ribbit - steady bouncin

[nine]It's nine and froggy frog hittin you thick
Like a london fog dog
You can't see what I can see
So me hafa bring back, the pure bronx, poetry!

Chorus: {reverse mc order}

[nine]Like dat in nine-five, and all that good stuff, nine

['mc froggy frog']And yo this is ribbit - froggy frog
And yo we just came real ill kid!

[nine]Word recognize, peace


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