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God Yu Takem Laef Blong Mi
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God, tekem laef blong mi,
Mi mi givim nao long yu.
Mbae mi givim evri dei
Blong leftemap nem blong yu.

God, yu tekem han blong mi
Blong givhan long nara man,
Mo yu tekem leg blong mi
Blong mi karem tok blong yu.

God, yu tekem voes blong mi
Blong mi presem yu oltaem,
Mo yu tekem maot blong mi
Blong mi talem tok b1ong yu.

Yu mekem tingting blong mi
I stap strong long yu oltaem.
Yu nomo yu king blong mi
Plis yu rul long laef blong yu.

God, mi laekem yu tumas,
Mbae yu king blong mi oltaem.
Evri samting ya blong mi
Mi mi givim nao long yu.


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