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For The Love Of Ray J


I'm A Knock Out Killer

Mansions And Viller

My Life Is A Sexual Thriller

This Is The Life God Gave Me

Know Im Gonna Talk About For Love Of Ray J

14 Ladies, Its About To Get Crazy

I Got A House On The Hills, Over Looking L.A

Man These Girls Are So Ready, To Do What I Say

Imma Break Them All Down, And Give Them All Nicknames

Imma Start With The Chick With The Tatoo On Her Face

I Named Her Danger Because She Might Shoot Up The Place

She Got A Body Like A Godess, And Shes From The Bay, And She Kind Of Steals My Heart With The Picture She Paints, Maybe....

This Next Lady,I Named Her Caviar Because Her Body Looked Tasty, Russian Accent, Her Face Wasz Amazing, But Never Understand A Word She Be Sayin...

Im Rolling In My Lambo, Looking For My Wifey, Named This Girl Hot CoCoa So I Could Be Her Ice T...

Another Girl In The House She Really Likes Me, She Crazy But Sexy So I Named The Chick Fiesty...

I Named This Other Girl Stacks, And This Other Girl Genuine, Im Trying To Be A Gentleman, Trying To Get Through With All These Women That Im Living With, First Time I've Ever Saw A Human Bannana Split (DAMN)

I Named That Girl Chardonnnay, Shawty From The A, Sipping Wine All Day...

I Named This Other Girl Stilts, Because She So Much Taller Than Me...

I Got This Other Girl She Makes A Good Drink, So I Named Her Cocktail, Shes So Sexy....

I Called This Other Girl Unique, She Swear She Classy But I Think Shes A Freak, I Know She Wonts To Dirty Up My Matress....

Then I Meet Another Girl Thats so Attractive, I Name Her Naturalle But Theirs Someting I Have To Ask, Is She Here For Love Or Is She Here To Be A Actress...

I Duno....

This Girl Atomic Bomb Is Hot, But Shes Moving To Slow, BabyGirl Is From Brooklyn But Shes Shy On Her Show, She Better Step It Up Or She Gotta Go...

Two More Ladies, I Named This Girl Lil'Hood Because Her Attidude Is Crazy, White Girl Blonde Hair Thinks Shes From The Ghetto, Hopping Out That Pretty Mother.....Like Hello

Then I Named This Girl Cashmere, Because Shes So Soft And Mellow

(Ray J Talkin)

Alrite Ladies....Lets Get To It

I Just Wona Know One Thing

I Just Wona Know One Thing

Are You Here For The Love Of Ray J

(Ladies: Yes Daddy)

Ite Then

Heres Your Class

But Listen...

(Lyrics By SwaySz)


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