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its a tsunami
please believe it
radio killa
once again

you aint better than us
you aint better than me
you aint better than we
you aint better than b (2x)

talk to em

baby i know i been missin your calls
i been meaning to text ya, i didnt forget ya
baby i been doing my thing but after one listen
things will never be the same
and now you callin like baby
cuz now im everybodys baby
theres no need actin all crazy
theres no need actin all shady, hey lady
listen baby remember when i was tried to be your baby
and now im on the screen and you can get me off
you on the sideline watch me ball (swish, bitch)

im ballin
all these chicks keep callin
you the one i try to put my all in
but now you fallin
now your heartbeats fallin (2x)

baby i can understand the fact that i wasnt your man
why i didnt even stand a chance
hey listen baby i aint even gon diss you im gonna miss you
cuz i really miss kissin you
but baby remember when i used to be you baby


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