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Decipher Reflections From Reality
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My parachute didn't open
and when my backup failed,
the pixie dust prevailed and I woke up next to you.
All I wanted was to hold you,
I was born in the city, and however
small it held a hospital, the location where I came into being, it was all downhill from there.
What do you do when your life's a disaster and you're moving faster and it's getting harder to breathe? What do you say to someone who's right, but you disagree even if it's the truth?

I was told you were depressed by a little bird that was severely hurt, because it did not notice my window and just flew wherever the wind blows. As it convulsed on the pavement, he whispered I am hated, and your genetic flaws, i said, say it all, you can't decipher reflections from reality but neither can I.

I noticed neither can I,
I noticed neither can I,
I noticed neither can I.

You are the circle, I am the square,
I have the non-cut you have the cool hair,
we both take showers for almost an hour,but only once a week or two.


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