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Champion Sound
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Transcribed by: azzdem & linz

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? *4
Make a one a reckon you I think you would have done
You come in a the place no satisfaction
Don't you know say daddy me daddy me snow yes me is here
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Now this this one I saw them all ? ? ? wheel
It's not me I go much but ? ? ? ? ?
Now put him in a put him in a in a place make sure ? ? ? ? there
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
I am the done that makes me a in jamaica
You're small like a mouse an' me say big like a bear
But me never a drink sand drink a snow man drink beer
Yeah me great last year but me better this year

(it's the champion sound)
(it's the champion sound)

Me used to stand up on the side, man 'pon de corner
Me used to reach out with me brethren 'pon an' over
And my blocks dem a hang up in different area
Dem a know daddy snow is an entertainer
Used to drink up me liquor mixed with water
Me say shut up your mouth
Now hear me mother, she used to ball out
And me say ball out aloud
You never know say daddy me snow me I go reach in a me bag
Get my bag them a if he can a get me resolved
It's the place that me love a dem a call it canada
Say kid come over and a say and tell wah
He says to daddy me daddy me snow than shock'd 'a
He take a little trip and me say go jamaica
The people them a wonder in a them a wonder
If a me say black man a but a me say white man
Nice, an' up your dance and I say _? ? ? ?


The snow is getting deeper
The snow is getting deeper
The snow is getting deeper
Who's the champion?
Repeat *4

Knocking on the days a when I used to hang around
I used to watch-a the dj them a mash up the sound
? ? ? ? ? ease up
Oh lord have mercy, oh lord have mercy
Oh lord have mercy, oh lord have mercy
Hey y'all
As if a ? ? ? another business, watch how me call
? ? ? ? I'm ? ? play by the rule
? ? ? ? ? ?
I pray to the good lord my soul to foresake
? ? ? ? ?
Down in new york is the way of the tool
Up in canada that is the way of the tour


(say daddy snow you might fi come back again)
(daddy me daddy me daddy me snow man!)


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