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Breaking Away
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Well just between you and me
I don't know what I'm doing here
In your room close to you
Full of shit and free beer

My brother, the bartender
I tip him well and I drink for free
Oh he takes good care of me
He takes care of me

Anyway, I'm here on my bicycle
I'm too tired to ride on
If it's okay with you
Can I take off these shoes and stay the night?

Well just between you and me, this thing between you and me
Might not be anything worth singing about
Or it might be just what I need
Someone to take my mind off things at the end of a long day

Someone to take my pants off me at the end of a long night
Either way, we're here

We're two bicycles ridden too tired to move
Which of us two is dumb enough to choose
The other as a lover?


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