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Let me clear my throat
Kick it over here Baby Pop
And all the fly skimmers
Feel the beat mm drop

Coolin' up in Jersey on a hot summer's day
It's me and Erick Sermon and Keith Murray
A lot of beer, a lot of girls and a lot of cursin'
Forty five automatic on my person

Ya, got my hand in my pocket and my finger on the trigger
My squad is gettin' big and my squad is gettin' bigger
Some niggaz got style, some niggaz got taste
Deaf squad got the shit, 'll bash you in your face

Tote my gun with my nigga, tote my nigga with my gun
Hit a bitch doggie style, so wild, 'til she come
Well I'm the king of the ave and I'm the king of the block
Don't like what I'm pumpin'? You can suck my cock

Well I'm funk doc, I got all the fly juice
Stankin' with my niggaz on the block one deuce
Walkin' down the block with the fresh fly threads
Reggie Noble got the biggest head

Brick City nigga


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