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(g2 nigga)yea,greenlight 2! bitch!cmb nigga,cashmoney nigga! im so addicted to the money,now i blew up and now im sexin all the video honeys.and all my fans at my shows,they tell me they love me.i pull that drop-pad out,that bitch ugly.gotta thank stunna cuz he made me richer,dont need a magnifying glass to see te big picture.ha,my flow tight like skinny jeans and whenever you mention the best mc's just mention me.the boy from ohio,renoyldsburg the bigs at.frontin at home and i aint even put it on the map.fuck all yall hiphop critics,i aint trynna please money so giant,yo money so g-tall and we are nuthin alike so dotn compare'em to i get woman who can be a parent to in miami chillin at the miss dade county ridin in the drop,fuck wit too cool,even in school i was voted most popular,and i got every sneaker better get ya foot locker up.better not cacth cassie cuz ima knock her up and im just sayin how i really feel,no intentions puff.that loui bag at the most can hold 200 me i tried fittin 300 and damn near bust the bag.ballin like a muthafucker,where ya d at? stay with a swisha on me,now where the weed at? and i be where all these otha rappers dont be hotter then cash money records,we dont belee that.look nigga we run this,name anotha label with a roster like i-list. this shit is all i know,and ima keep stuntin on these niggas,i gets the its the life chose, no wonder why they hatin on me.bitch niggas dont change and they remain the same and thats so lame.yea,bitch niggas dont change and they remain the same and thats so lame. uh huh uh huh,its cash money baby,uh huh uh huh,cmb hoe,uh huh uh huh,bow wizzle baby,uh huh uh huh uh huh yea.i see you stunna waddup,jay sean yea i see you waddup,g melone i see you waddup,my whole young money family waddup,mack maine waddup,lil twist waddup,chuckey waddup,tiger tiger waddup,t-streets waddup,gudda gudda waddup,short dawg waddup,nicki i see you.waddup,yea.j mills waddup,yea,wayne waddup.yea the whole fam waddup,t-streets wat it do,uh huh,greenlight 2,what you want me to do.shittin on niggas.haaaa,ill will,how do it.


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