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A Mother And Father's Prayer
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I know you’re listening as I lay me down to sleep
It’s not for me, I ask but my children’s souls to keep
It seems the world is going crazy
And though I need to do my share

Could you please take them under wing?
Watch over them especially
Keeping them safe from everything
This is a mother’s prayer

I know you’re listening in the silence of the night
The news is blistering but I hold on to your light
And though there’s darkness all around us
By my faith I know you’re there

Give me the strength to lead the way
Send me the words I need to say
Use me to guide them day by day
This is a father’s prayer

I know I can’t do this by myself
I thank you for your help

I know you’re listening so I know I’m not alone
I feel you here with me as we all face the unknown
Could you return us to your garden
Where no one’s hurt and no one’s scared?

Free us from pride and bitterness
Keep us so close we won’t forget
Teach us to love as you love
This is a mother’s prayer
This is a father’s prayer

Teach us to love as you love
This is a mother’s
A father’s prayer


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